Who is Preksha Trivedi?

Preksha Trivedi comes with a diverse background. After graduating with a commerce degree, she joined Google as a User Operations Specialist. At Google she has set process for High Profiles accounts and assisted the workings of those accounts personally. During her time at Google, she discovered her passion for content creation and decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.

Preksha embarked on the journey of writing her debut novel titled “Love and Snow.” The book employed innovative methods of transmedia marketing, which resonated particularly well with the teenage audience. As a result, the novel gained significant popularity, leading to the sale of 10,000 copies.
Encouraged by the success of her novel and driven by her passion for the media industry, Preksha made the decision to leave her role at Google. She aspired to enhance her skills and knowledge in the realm of film and media by pursuing an MBA in film and media studies. Simultaneously, she also enrolled in an MA program specializing in British Literature.

Her journey in films commenced as a content analyst, where I meticulously analyzed and evaluated scripts, identifying the potential for success. Over time, She progressed to take on more significant roles, eventually working independently as an executive producer for a popular web series on Hotstar and a feature film for UV Creations. She served as the executive agent for esteemed directors such as Tharun Bhascker and Sankalp Reddy. Leveraging her expertise and industry connections, she facilitated their artistic visions and ensured their projects achieved the desired impact. She also worked as a content agent for the talented actor and filmmaker, Rana Daggubati. Collaborating closely with Rana, I assisted in shaping compelling narratives and engaging content that captivated audiences.

As the founder of Preksha Theatre Company (formerly known as Coliseum Productions), She has spearheaded numerous theatrical productions and workshops, contributing to the vibrant artistic scene in the city.With a strong belief in the power of theatre, She established Preksha Theatre Company, aiming to create immersive experiences that resonate with the audience. Her company has successfully produced and designed over 20 captivating plays, including notable productions like Macbeth, Shamus, Night of 16th Jan, and Pillowman.

She is now a part of Marikitome, a renowned marketing agency known for its fresh and imaginative approach.