Who is Kajol?

With a strong passion for creativity and a drive for client satisfaction, I thrive in both artistic and business environments.

As an actor and executive producer for Kissago Productions and Rangbhoomi Spaces, I have honed my skills in delivering captivating performances and managing successful theatrical productions. I bring a unique blend of creativity, organisation, and leadership to every project, ensuring the seamless execution of artistic vision. In addition to my theatrical pursuits, I am deeply passionate about dance and painting. These art forms allow me to express my emotions, inspire others, and continuously explore new avenues of creativity.

Drawing upon my extensive experience in the corporate world, I have transitioned into the field of digital marketing. Over the course of 5 years, I have successfully worked with renowned companies such as AT&T, American Express, and Google, specialising in international voice and non-voice processes. Throughout my career, I have held various roles, including technical support senior associate, senior account protection, and senior digital media associate. This diverse background has equipped me with a deep understanding of client needs, efficient problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication skills.

Currently, I am thriving as a client account manager, where I leverage my expertise to provide exceptional service to clients. My primary responsibility is to understand clients’ goals, develop tailored marketing strategies, and ensure the successful delivery of their projects. By maintaining open lines of communication and building strong relationships, I consistently exceed client expectations and drive their business growth.
If you’re looking for a dynamic professional who can seamlessly blend artistic creativity with business acumen, let’s connect!