Service Terms & Policies


Markitome is a Pay & Play agency. Services will be rendered on realization of the invoice. All invoices for recurring invoices will be automatically generated and shared on the 2nd day of every month and is subject to clearance on the 7th or 5 days after the invoice is generated. This is the NET 5 term is assumed agreed to if services are rendered by Markitome.


We offer 100% refund if the contract is terminated from either party within 7 days of approval. All refunds will be processed on or before 90 days of contract termination. If contract exceeds 7 days, refund value will considered on a case to case basis. Tool purchases, license fees and other costs will be deducted in the interest of fair business practices.


Please feel free to go through Markitome’s Universal Terms of Service Agreement and all our Legal Agreements for any clarification.

Any dispute and legal matters will be handled by PrivateCourt Ltd.