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Who is StoryHour UK?

StoryHour is a platform that connects cultures through timeless stories from across the world, in small bytes. At just one hour long, our audiobooks are perfect for the daily commute or a short flight. We tap into the potential of teenagers and the elderly through our work. They are our authors and narrators, and it sure has been a brilliant experience!


StoryHour UK wanted to increase traffic to their YouTube channel, social media, and website in order to build visibility for their audiobooks and puppet shows. The company had previously hosted their puppet shows in London, and recently in Delhi and Hyderabad.

How did we Solve it?

Our solution was to build their brand identity using organic search results. We redesigned the company’s website and SEO-optimized the content on it and also used social media to leverage the visibility and get them the recognition they were looking for with success stories and engaging social media posts and reels on Instagram and by optimizing their reach on their Youtube channel by creating Youtube shorts.

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