Sarada College of Hotel Management

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Who is Sarada College of Hotel Management?

Sarada College of Hotel Management was founded in 2003 with certificate courses under the Jayalakshmi Educational Society. The Institute is also affiliated with the Council for Skill Development in 2019 for Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma Courses. Sarada College of Hotel Management establishes itself to provide educational facilities on par with international standards. They apply innovative methods to improve the quality of higher education.


Despite having a good authority in the market, Sarada College of Hotel Management needed to build visibility and become known for its high-quality academic programs. Their goal was to increase traffic to their website as well.

How did we Solve it?

Our solution was to build their brand identity using organic search results. We redesigned the company’s website and SEO-optimized the content on it and also used social media to leverage the visibility and get them the recognition they were looking for with success stories and engaging social media posts on Instagram.

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