iMaya Technologies

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Who is iMaya Technologies?

iMaya Technologies is a company that started with the intention to manage, grow and empower people through its highly secure and user-friendly web application. 

Under iMaya, iCoach is one of their products that is designed to help fitness enthusiasts manage their online sessions effortlessly. They have recently launched this application in India for the first time. Their products include:

-iCoach: Scheduling online sessions is now an easy task for iCoach, a hands-on and seamless web application.

-iCeleb: A web application that allows you to monetize your skill, increase your follower count, and effortlessly sell your content.

When iMaya Technologies decided to manage, grow and empower millions through their foolproof web application, they relied on Markitome to help them develop their online presence.


This is a case study for iMaya Technologies (iCoach), a new company entering the world of managing and growing online coaching sessions via a web application. The problem they are facing is that they are a startup and are still growing their foothold in the online coaching world via web app market, and they need expert help to develop and execute their marketing strategy.

How did we Solve it?

So we went with a social media-friendly approach for this particular company because most of their business comes from their web application. We started social media marketing by managing and scheduling social media posts, targeting Instagram specifically. The help of tools like Zoho Social makes it easier for us to manage the SMM of our clients more effectively.

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