How Aggregator Sites Outrank The Original Source on Google?

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Many variables go into ranking a site for a specific query. Curious about what those variables are? I am too. Let’s find out. An article on Search Engine Journal has described the following variables.

The top variables for ranking on Google are as follows:


1.   High-quality content

2.   Mobile first

3.   Page experience

4.   Page speed

5.   On page optimization

6.   Internal links

7.   External links


But we’ll dive deeper into that later. When I talk with my clients they all ask the same question – why is my site not ranked as high in Google as another site? The fact is there are many factors that go into whether a website is ranked higher than another. One of the main factors is whether the content on the site is deemed to be original and not copied from another website. This becomes tricky when you work for clients who want to know why one of their sites isn’t ranking as highly as they expect.

So Here’s what you can do about it:


  • If you find sources of content scraped from your website, contact the individuals responsible for posting it and send them a note asking them to take it down. Most of the time they will oblige and take it down.
  •  To ensure your site outranks a copycat site, work on search-engine optimization features on your own site.
  •   In order to rank higher in Google search results than a website that copies your site’s content, you must create more compelling and unique content.
  • As we discussed earlier, there is no way to discover why an aggregator site is ranking higher than yours. However, the only way to deal with this problem is to create quality content, build quality links, ensure your technical SEO is up to date, create effective keywords and an effective content strategy. This will allow you to eventually outrank your aggregator site.

The Google algorithms are always in flux. There are no definite answers to why certain web pages are ranking higher than others, but the information given should help you have a better understanding of the SEO world so that by using the right SEO tools and techniques, you can improve your search engine rankings and get more traffic on your website. All in all, it’s important to maintain a positive SEO reputation while using a healthy amount of SEO white hat practices to help your page show up at the top of search engine results.

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