Google Cloud Networking: 5 Valuable Products That Benefit WordPress Users:

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What is Google Cloud?


Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, and Youtube. 

In this post, we will be discussing the different Google Cloud Networking products available that WordPress users can directly use. So let’s dive right into it.

What is Google Cloud Networking?


It is a worldwide network that shares resources between different locations. The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is divided into regions, which is further separated into zones.

Image Source: Google Cloud

It has over 27 regions and 82 zones in the cloud, which spans over 200+ countries.

You can ensure high availability and protection against failures by distributing your application resources across multiple zones. If there is a single failure, no two machines in separate regions or zones will have the same consequences.

Before we discuss the various products under this category, let us look at the different Google Cloud Networking services that are available for WordPress users:

There are 3 main types of networks that make up the Google Cloud Networking infrastructure:

  1. A data center network that connects all the machines.
  1. A software-based private Wide Area Network (WAN) that connects the data centers.
  1. The software-defined public WAN for user-facing traffic.

This physical network infrastructure is crucial to cover everything you need to connect, secure, optimize, and modernize your applications.


Google Cloud Networking Products for WordPress Users


Now that we have a clear understanding about what Google Cloud Networking is, let’s look into the different products available for WordPress users!

Cloud CDN


What is Cloud CDN? 


Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network) is necessary for any WordPress website or application. CDNs make copies of your site and store them in different locations worldwide. This process makes it seamless to cater to your visitors as soon as they arrive on your website. A CDN is also known to make your website function faster by developing your user experience and search engine optimization (SEO). It is one of the best Cloud Networking services Google has to offer. 

3 key features to keep in mind:

  • Accelerates websites and applications through globally-distributed edge caches.
  • Lessens network latency.
  • Diminishes serving costs.

The best part is that all levels of WordPress users can use Cloud CDN. In addition to this, advanced WordPress users can combine it with other GCP products like Cloud Storage and Cloud Operations for object storing and monitoring.

Google’s Cloud CDN is very user-friendly since it blends in well with all sites hosted on its platform. It can be activated using the GCP interface. If you don’t have a WordPress website running GCP don’t worry, you can use it with a managed GCP WordPress hosting service. 


Cloud DNS


A Domain Name System (DNS) turns domain names such as into IP addresses like A simple interface for publishing and managing millions of DNS zones and records is what distinguishes Google Cloud DNS from others.

WordPress users can use the Google Cloud DNS as follows:

  1. For public and private DNS zones
  1. For Public/private IPs within the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and over the internet.

Although all Google Cloud DNS services are user-friendly, the premium DNS service is among the best-performing DNS services due to its high speed, availability, and low latency.

Are you looking to build your WordPress hosting infrastructure on GCP? You can resolve domain name queries to your server with the Cloud DNS service. On the other hand if you are hosting your WordPress website on GCP, there are other alternatives that you can use such as Amazon Route 53 or Cloudflare.

Image Source: Google Cloud


Cloud Load Balancing


With the Cloud Load Balancing feature you can ensure optimal delivery of your content, you can put the resources behind a single anycast IP and it also uses an intelligent auto scaling feature to scale up or down. To reach high availability, you can distribute the resources in multiple regions (depending on the proximity of the users).

Cloud Load Balancing responds faster to changes in networks, traffic and users compared to DNS-based global load balancing products. 


Cloud Armor


Cloud Armor is yet another suitable Google Cloud Networking product for WordPress or GCP Hosting users that can protect your website against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks targeting your Cloud Load Balancing workloads. It uses a machine-learning-based mechanism to detect and prevent DDoS attacks and top 10 OWASP risks and the bot management features help to stop fraud through reCAPTCHA enterprise integration.


Network Service Tiers:


Here is an interesting fact, did you know that GCP is the first big public cloud platform to offer a tiered cloud network! Network service tiers allow you to enhance the network experience and gain more control over network costs. Unlike other cloud providers, Google Cloud Networking Tiers have a private global network to route internet traffic through public internet service providers.

There are two options available as follows:

  • Standard Tier
  • Premiere Tier

Standard Tier: 


Standard Tier routes traffic over the internet and it’s a budget friendly alternative.

Image Source: Google Cloud

Premiere Tier:


Premiere Tier delivers traffic from external systems to Google Cloud:

Image Source: Google Cloud




Looking at the Google Cloud Networking products above we can conclude that all these products are of a high-performance cloud computing service that you can use to host your WordPress website. Among all the GCN products discussed above 2 of the most powerful and beneficial options include the Cloud CDN and the Cloud DNS. 

I hope this blog was helpful! Please do share this content if you think it can help someone.



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