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Who is Freedom Screens?

Freedom Screens is fast becoming the choice of building management solutions for retractable zipline screens over existing openable windows. Its retractable mesh eliminates the risk of mosquito menace, effectively keeping out the pests while allowing maximum daylight to penetrate, giving occupants a refreshing view of natural light.

The Freedom Screens retractable mesh has an innovative and well-thought-of manufacturing process and promises an architectural finesse. It is a functional, aesthetic, and cost-effective alternative to traditional insect screens.


Retractable zipline screens are a relatively new concept that emerged in India around 2014, and Freedom Screens was the first company to introduce this concept. As with anything new that enters the market. Getting people to notice you is the first and foremost priority for any business, and it was the same for our premium client Freedom Screens as well. They were a very well-established brand backed by its Australian technology and lineage. But they still needed to improve their brand salience or the audience reach required for a company such as this in India.

How did we Solve it?

So the need of the hour was to create a brand identity to define the brand’s culture and story. One of the most effective ways to do that is to revamp the website, to make it more SEO friendly. We used WordPress to redesign the website and used the necessary keywords that get maximum visibility to the website. Search engine optimization uses the power of search engines to increase web visibility and drive traffic to a website.

SEO is crucial to leverage any business and especially in this scenario. We created content to attract new customers by writing blogs on an external blogging platform called Medium and driving traffic to the company’s website. We initiated ad campaigns via Google and Facebook to generate leads, and we are currently managing social media posts on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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