7 Tips to make people swipe and follow your Page/Content

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Instagram has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. And, to have a digital presence, it has become mandatory for businesses to have an Instagram page these days. Collaborating with influencers to gain a wider audience is something that most brands prefer these days. Influencer marketing can however be over the budget at times. Hence, we have come up with some useful tips and tricks to help you grow your business organically and economically:


1. Create curiosity:



The easiest way to create curiosity about your post is by asking a relevant question and by answering that question. For example, a lot of people struggle with time management or procrastination. So asking a question based on topics like these will make your audience curious and will encourage them to wait for the solution.

Talking about controversial topics and asking people their opinions is also a way to create curiosity and engage the audience.
Another way of creating curiosity is by having stories with a countdown and other elements.


2. Tell your story:



When you tell a story or share an experience, it not only makes the content unique but also adds a personalized touch to it. A way to insert storytelling into your posts is by sharing user-generated content that resonates with your brand.

Adding a post along with a long caption describing how it was done makes your content incredibly authentic and adds credibility to your brand.


3. Use swipe/arrows:



These are often known as carousel posts in which you post more than 1 image together. In this, the first page is like the headline, and only when the headline is interesting, people will want to read and know more.

By using arrows on carousel posts, it makes the audience aware that there is more content to this blog and the chances of them swiping right will increase. Carousel posts increase audience engagement and it makes them more likely to like, share, and comment on them.


4. Use Images:



Visuals play a crucial role to keep the audience engaged and increasing followers. The more appealing an image is, the more likely people will want to know more about your page. The visuals are the first thing people look at and is a very powerful tool to catch their attention and once we have their attention, the content will keep them further engaged.

Hence, if you don’t have an in-house graphic designer, you can use apps like Canva or Vista Create to design effective posts, stories, and reels.


5. Use chart or graphs:



Graphs and charts help us to visualize how a particular strategy or campaign will work. Now suppose, you have a financial Instagram page. Using various forms of pie charts, graphs, etc., will help you better explain your concept than just talking about it. Not only that, but it will also help your audience to understand what you are talking about clearly. Hence, try using charts and graphs wherever you can.


6. Keep the content short:



The first thing that comes into our mind after reading this is probably, Short content. Why??

In today’s fast-paced life, we all want to learn and know about a lot of things. But we often have the ‘Time Constraint”. So, when your content is short but informative, the audience can gain knowledge in a shorter amount of time. When this happens, they will more likely start following your page as they are gaining knowledge and it doesn’t take a lot of their time.


7. Add elements:


With the introduction of adding elements, it’s easier now to create a viral campaign with your audience. Instagram stories have various interactive elements that help you gain a good reach via stories. During the festive season, they create filters that encourage interaction with your audience. Ask them for their suggestions, and opinions. This will make your followers and the audience, in general, more interested in your brand.




Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms currently and there are millions of people and brands emerging now and then. Hence, it has become challenging to reach out to the target audience and keep them engaged. Therefore, interacting with the audience through stories has become the need of the hour. 

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