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Reliable digital marketing is the need of the hour today. Markitome has been setting benchmarks in the world of Digital Marketing and focus on CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization. We help optimize digital marketing spends and create an effective conversion process which helps increase your revenue.

Back in 2013, Markitome, started as an idea by the visinary turned entrepreneur Vivek Rangabhashyam, while he was working as an analyst in Google's 'Getting Your Business Online' team. He decided to start a digital marketing firm that was obsessed with sales and business growth for it's clients. From that day on, Markitome has proven to be a value-add in business development for its clients and has been a key factor in the growth of many organizations.

At it's core, Markitome believes that efficiency and competitiveness in the modern world depends on the ability to innovate. We engraft innovations in our products, in accordance with international exposure and doing our own research. Using various enterprise tools, Markitome gives very crisp data, observations and trends. Today we observe a large number of businesses rely on the exponential and viral marketing techneques, but with the incorrect data, they can end up in extensive spends and minimal results.

With over 25 years of collective experience in digital marketing, Markitome has expanded it's presence in many countries and is ready to set new standards with excelent insights and structured support to businesses across the world.


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