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Who is Period Hub?

Period Hub is a platform dedicated to women’s health and wellness. The website allows users to discuss topics from fertility, menstruation, and other issues concerning the female reproductive system.

The website offers a range of products to help you manage your Periods with the help of our carefully curated products to take care of your Well-being, Hygiene, and Period flow, ensuring a holistic Period Management. Inspired by ancient practices and wisdom coupled with a modern approach, our products are sans harmful chemicals, are cruelty-free, and encourage a Sustainable Menstrual Lifestyle.


Period Hub was a start-up that wanted to help women with products uniquely suited to their needs. The challenge was a three-pronged problem: first, they needed to build a brand that women would recognize and trust. Second, they needed to create a website that felt safe and inviting. Third, they needed to foster a community of women to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones.

Their goals included:

-Acquiring new customers

-Retaining existing customers

-Increasing brand awareness and website traffic

-Improving social media presence

How did we Solve it?

When ‘Period Hub’ approached us with their problems. They were hoping to make it more social media-friendly and also wanted to add a new layer of SEO that would help them rank higher on Google in organic search results. 

The goal was to revamp the website and make it SEO-friendly while increasing its social media presence and reaching a larger target audience. We took a social media approach to this, starting with thorough market research. We found relevant metadata, descriptions, and tags to increase organic search results on Google. We also created a social media strategy that focused on engaging posts related to problems women face during their menstrual cycle, how Period Hub products solve those problems, and how they stand out from the competition.

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