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Who is JobXRobot?

When it comes to Jobs or services, JobXRobot is the one to contact. They have a team of service professionals who do-it-all for you, whether it be painting your house or calling an electrician. With JobXRobot, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got a reliable source of services who are there when you need them.


JobXRobot is an online platform that offers a variety of on-demand services, including plumbing, salon services, and more. They are looking to establish a brand identity in order to grow their recognition among consumers and gain greater market share.

How did we Solve it?

We help companies create an effective marketing strategy and increase their customer base by leveraging the power of social media through our in-depth knowledge and experience. Our services include managing client accounts using Zoho Social, a multi-platform tool that helps us schedule the social media accounts of our clients effortlessly. Social media plays a critical role in creating brand awareness. It allows you to express your brand’s story and culture while catering to your target audience. We are also working with our client to redesign the company’s website to make it more search engine friendly.

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