Ishta Power Yoga

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Who is Ishta Power Yoga?

Ishta-The Power Yoga Studio was founded in 2014 by Parinita Trivedi in Hyderabad to help people get physically and mentally healthy. Brand awareness spreads overseas quickly after establishing the brand. Ishta’s The Power Yoga Studio has a presence in over four countries and is growing exponentially.


In today’s yoga-obsessed world, studios are everywhere. They make it easier for students to stay connected to teachers and fellow practitioners. Yoga studios need to be a place where individuals can connect and share their love and passion for yoga. Ishta Power Yoga, an established brand looking to increase its social media presence, hired Markitome to help spread the word about the studio’s need to reach its targeted audience.

How did we Solve it?

Social media marketing is the way to achieve the desired goals. So we created a social media strategy that targeted their goals of increasing their social media presence, reach, and building a community. 

  • We followed a schedule using Hootsuite to pre-plan their social media posts to make a posting on social media a regular affair because scheduling plays a crucial role in creating a social media strategy. 
  • We used branded hashtags. #refreshwithishita
  • We chose Instagram as our social media platform to increase their target audience with regular quality content.
  • We created a theme and posted social media content according to that, for example, quotes of the day, posts for festivals, and yoga tips for beginners.

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