What Can Marketers Expect From Technology In 2022?

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What can marketers expect from technology in 2022? This is a question that all companies need to ask themselves and look for solutions. The best marketers are the ones who stay on top of technology trends. Marketers must be prepared for what’s to come in the realm of marketing automation, social media, artificial intelligence, and so much more. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

Trends in marketing are constantly changing. This blog examines some of the most important marketing trends to follow in 2022.

Let me take you on a tour of the marketing trends most likely to affect your business.

1. Wearable Technology

2. Blend of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

3. Artificial Intelligence

4. Mobile-Friendly Solutions

5. Multiple Channel Marketing

1. Wearable technology is changing the way we live


Wearable technology is a hot new trend in marketing. By integrating wearable devices into your marketing campaigns, you can reach new audiences and build connections with users in exciting new ways. For example, imagine if you were able to receive a push notification on your smartwatch when you are near one of your target audience’s favorite stores! This type of hyper-targeted approach is exactly what marketers need to increase conversion rates today.

2. VR and AR are poised to change the way that we interact with many aspects of our lives

Blend of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

With the advent of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), we will soon be able to experience new worlds in ways that were previously unimaginable. From business meetings to shopping for groceries, these technologies are making our lives easier and more immersive as they open up a new world of possibilities. In particular, AR has the potential to be transformative for the fields of education, healthcare, and marketing among others.

In addition, new technologies in marketing can be used to appeal to a younger audience. Online ads or TV commercials are not as effective at connecting with consumers as immersive campaigns are.

3. AI powered tech assistance

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are among the most promising tools in marketing technology development; their popularity is growing thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence advancements. The development of voice bots—like Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Alexa is one of the most exciting trends in chatbot development that specialists can leverage to collect more customer queries and increase conversion rates.

4. Mobile – First Solutions are the future of technology

Mobile-Friendly Solutions

Mobile-first generations the Millennials and the Gen Z are known for their online shopping habits. They frequently use their mobile phones to surf the web, make purchases, and order services. This is a trend that will continue into the future. 

How can marketers capitalize on one of the most popular marketing technology trends in 2022? Let’s take a look at a few ways:

  • Designing for mobile devices is pivotal

Investors will be drawn to businesses that emphasize mobile social media apps catering primarily to mobile users and scaling for desktops as they go.

  • Mobile-friendly websites helps companies connect with customers more effectively

In an increasingly mobile-dominated world, marketers can’t afford to ignore the importance of catering to mobile users.

  • Developing user-generated content is a powerful way to reach your target audience
  • Geotargeting

Business owners can use smartphone-based Bluetooth and GPS tracking to find prospects that are in close physical proximity to the store or office and get in touch with them.

5. Omnichannel communication experience

Multiple Channel Marketing

To succeed, businesses will have to develop strategies for reaching customers through multiple channels. Such strategies will require creating content that appeals to various audiences, rather than being limited to one channel or platform. In 2022, businesses will focus on bringing different experiences closer together in order to reach all potential customers more effectively.


Overall, the biggest trend in marketing technology will be personalization. Marketers will be able to more accurately target individuals and tailor their campaigns for maximum effectiveness. This will ultimately help the broader goals of efficiency, control, and accuracy in marketing efforts making those campaigns more powerful than ever before.

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