3 New Instagram Updates for March 2022- That Will Excite You!

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This month alone, Instagram has over 800 million new monthly active users – that’s more than one in every seven people on the internet. It’s more than the population of Africa. That’s why it’s no surprise that brands are flocking to join the platform. Even if your business doesn’t have a physical location (online-only), Instagram is a way to connect with an audience and form a loyal community. And this is also one of the cost-effective ways to do the same. 

According to Statista, 49.5 percent of people used Instagram during the pandemic. This shows that even when the world was trying to be resilient, Instagram developed new features to tackle the main business problems and support its users all over the globe.

With the world growing exponentially every day, it is all the more important to keep up with the Instagram updates that are rolled out almost every week.

Top 3 Instagram Updates That You Need to Know About.

Update #1: You can now reply to comments on a reel using another reel.

You can now reply to a comment with a Reel that includes the comment as a sticker. Your Reel will appear in the comment section and everywhere you share the Reel.

This is also a great update and way to increase your engagement with your audience.

To reply to a comment with a reel:

  1. Tap Reply below the comment you want to reply to, then tap record on the left.
  1. Tap in the bottom left to select a video from your gallery or camera roll. You can also tap the Green screen in the top right to record a reel with a different background.
  1. Tap Preview in the bottom right and edit your reel.
  1. Tap Next in the bottom right, then tap Share.

The person who posted the comment will receive a notification that you’ve replied to them.

Update #2: Introducing Text to Speech and Voice Effect on Reels.

Here is a fun and interesting Instagram update about reels again.

Instagram says the text to speech feature “lives within our text tool in the Reels camera and allows an auto-generated voice to read your text aloud”. 

Now you can use Text to Speech update to add narration without using your own voice, this feature can make using Instagram reels a lot more creative, and fun. Try adding humor to your reels, with this new update.

Let’s look at the steps below for doing it:

Image Source: dailytechbyte.com
Image Source: @creators/Instagram

Voice effect is the other feature introduced by Instagram that allows you to use your voice as voiceover in your Reel.

Let’s look at the steps below for doing it:

Image Source: dailytechbyte.com

Here is a look at the audio controls for the voice effects.

Image Source: @creators/Instagram

Both these tools are suitable for business owners, and it gives them more freedom to be creative and trendy to make attractive Reels.

Update #3: Instagram is coming back with the chronological order in the algorithm.

Do you remember? Earlier, the posts you saw on your feed were strictly based on the order in which they were posted.

Instagram updated it to find posts for you that matched your preferences. 

But the update was not well received by the consumers and business owners.

A chronologically-based feed gives your account more chances to grow organically and increase your engagement, both at the same time.

Instagram recently rolled out an update for users to see feed posts ruled by recency all over the globe.

Users now have the option to shift between three versions of feeds:

  1. Home Feed – which is the default feed.
  2. The following feed – shows you the accounts you follow in reverse chronological order.
  3. Favorites – a feed of around 50 favorited accounts.

You can move between the two feeds by tapping on the new dropdown menu in the top left corner of the app.

The return of the chronological feed comes as a refreshing change for the users and business owners who were unhappy with the update discussed before in the blog.


Instagram has finally come up with a solution: they are yet to implement an algorithm that will let users more easily find the content they have been searching for. While this hasn’t been released yet, it’s exciting news for some people who otherwise thought “hasn’t Instagram heard of chronological order?”.

Instagram came out as a winner yet again after an eventful March this year. With the introduction of the new updates and features, the site managed to retain its top spot among social sites and networks.

Comment below and let us know, does the introduction of a chronological Instagram feed excites you yes or no? We would love to know your insights.

If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to write them in the comments. We will do our best to answer any questions you have for us, and please do share this content if you think it can help someone.

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