WordPress Gutenberg 14.2 Offers A Sleeker, More Streamlined Experience

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The latest version of Gutenberg 14.2 has been released and is available for download. User interface improvements including a smoother workflow and performance improvements as well as new header and footer blocks are included. All of the new features are minor improvements that, when taken together, make Gutenberg a more polished and intuitive site editor.

Improved User Experience

This improvement provides a better editing experience by hiding unnecessary Query Loop block patterns.

Enhanced Writing Flow

The new Gutenberg editor is now more intuitive, making it easier for users to write.

Three changes:

  • A more natural animation effect
  • Consistent selection of multiple blocks
  • Hiding the block inserter when the user is typing

Increase in Functionality

Letter Spacing in Headings

Adjusting the letter spacing between letters is an especially useful feature for heading elements, because many fonts create letters that are too close together. This new setting allows you to adjust the amount of space between letters using the Global Styles interface.

Image Source: searchenginejournal.com

Upgraded Calendar Block

The Calendar block now has more options for displaying and customizing its appearance. The calendar block now has a background, a link color, and a text color. It can also inherit the text color from its parent block or have a specific global style applied to it.

Distinct Features

New Block Pattern Categories

Gutenberg now includes two new block pattern categories that correspond to banners and footers, giving users more control over their sites.

Autocomplete Links in Blocks

The new link autocomplete feature is triggered with the “[[” shortcut and is available in any block. It used to be an opt-in feature but now it’s available by default in all blocks.

Image Source – searchenginejournal.com

Bug Fixes and Improvements

In addition to the above improvements, there are many more bug fixes and additional features that combine to make Gutenberg a better site editor.

Reference – searchenginejournal.com

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