How To Earn Money With Instagram

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Instagram has become one of the most common platforms these days. Almost everyone these days has an Instagram account. A lot of people have started monetizing Instagram in various ways. A lot of celebrities earn more than 71,00,00,000 per post. The number of followers you have on Instagram also helps you earn. Some influencers with 5-10k followers earn up to $6,530 per post on average. If you are new on Instagram or if you are looking for ways to monetize your account, here are some ways to do so:

 1. By Reeling It

In instagram’s latest update, content creators can earn via reels. This however, has been available to a limited number of creators. These creators have a professional dashboard. The followers who like their content can give them gifts by purchasing stars on instagram and these stars will be received by the creator via the professional dashboard. This is just the beginning of this new update and more features will be added in the next updates.

2. Through Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing means promoting a product or a service through another product/service to earn a commission in return. For example, if you promote amazon products and people buy those products by clicking on your links in the description section then you get a commission for promoting the product or services. You can promote products or services that relate to your following/profile or also products that people would be interested in buying. Then ask your followers to click the links in the description of your posts to buy the product and that way you will earn a commission on that sale. This is one of the most successful techniques on Instagram to earn money as you don’t have to invest anything or have to work hard.

3. Start your own Business:

Another popular way to earn is by starting your own business on Instagram. A lot of entrepreneurs have started selling their products online through Instagram nowadays and earned a lot of money from it. If you have a business or a product that you think can be sold well on Instagram then you can start a business page and start promoting it to the people who are interested in that product. This requires your time and effort but by regularly engaging your audience you can widen your reach and sell your products to a larger number of people which will, in turn, help you to grow your business and earn good profits.

4. Hosting Webinars:

If you are an expert in a particular field and want to teach others about how to do something then you have the option of hosting a webinar on Instagram. Your followers can join the webinar and post their questions at the end of the session and you can answer them and help them with whatever they need help with. If you do a good job with your webinars then you can easily get a bunch of followers and get your business noticed by others as well which will help you earn money from that as well.

5. Influential Marketing:

An influencer is a person who has made an online reputation for themselves either by sharing their opinions/knowledge/ thoughts or by helping out others. A lot of people on Instagram have very loyal followers, which means they look up to them. Every industry or service has an influencer. When you have a good number of followers, businesses, small or large, reach out to you to promote their products. When you agree to do so, you receive their products for free and in some cases, you can also ask to be paid.

6. Offer paid consultation:

If you are familiar with a subject like digital marketing, you can use that knowledge to create a page that will be easy for anyone to understand. The fact that you are receiving queries or concerns about your page indicates that it has become successful. From there, you can start offering paid consultations and start charging for them.


The scope of earning money from Instagram is massive. If you get it right, you can earn a lot and set yourself up financially. The more you grow, the more opportunities you have. But keep in mind that it’s not just the number of followers but also the content created. So, keep creating significant content and widen your audience!

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